Our fleet



Our fleet consists of cars, minivans, minibuses and buses.


We suggest the rental of a bus or another vehicle according to your needs. We combine the comfort of our buses and cars with the reliability and experience of our staff.

Safety first.

We pay close attention to ensuring compliance with current regulations (EC Regulation No 561/2006) and vehicle inspection. All our vehicles are subject to regular maintenance and disinfection processes once the service has been completed.

We also have an open trailer and an enclosed trailer for transporting any bicycle.


La flotta automobile Skoda

Skoda Superb – year 2021

La flotta automobile Skoda

Skoda Superb – year 2021

La flotta minivan Klasse V

Minivan Mercedes Klasse V – year 2020 – 8 seats

La flotta Mercedes Minivan

Minivan Mercedes – year 2015 – 8 seats

la flotta pullman Sprinter

Sprinter Mercedes – year 2018 – 21 seats

la flotta pullman Izuzu

IZUZU – year 2018 – 30 seats

la flotta pullman Scania GT

Scania GT – year 208 – 45 seats

Flotta di Biancaneve Viaggi: pullman Scania Touring

Scania Touring – year 2021 – 57 seats

la flotta rimorchio aperto

Open trailer for transporting 24 bikes – year 2020

la flotta rimorchio chiuso

Closed trailer for transporting 36 bikes – year 2010


la flotta trasporto bici in rimorchio chiuso